Chelsea: Thomas Tuchel says there are ‘uncertainties’ at club amid Russian invasion of Ukraine

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel said “there are so many uncertainties around the situation of our club” amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Tuchel was speaking prior to his side’s Carabao Cup final against Liverpool at Wembley on Sunday.

“We should not pretend this is not an issue,” said Tuchel.

“The situation in general [in Ukraine] for me and for my staff, and for everybody at Cobham, the players, is horrible.

“Nobody expected this. It’s pretty unreal, like I said it’s clouding our minds, it’s clouding our excitement towards the final.

“And it brings huge uncertainty, much more to all the people and families who are actually in the moment more involved than us.

“And our best wishes, regards and thoughts are obviously with them, which is absolutely the most important thing.

“And still there are so many uncertainties around the situation of our club and of the situation in the UK, with scenarios like this, that it makes no sense if I comment on it.”

Abramovich is one of Russia’s richest people and is believed to be close to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Labour’s Chris Bryant told MPs he had a leaked Home Office document which suggested Abramovich should not be able to base himself in the UK.

Downing Street would not be drawn on the claims about Abramovich made in the House of Commons.

“We are aware of it, we have not maybe so much inside information as you might think,” added Tuchel.

“But I think it’s also the right from the team, the staff, and I include myself, to be maybe not political, to do sports and to focus on sports.

“Not because we are hiding, the situation is clear, it’s horrible, there’s no doubt about it. That’s pretty much it.

“War in Europe is unthinkable for many for a long period of time.

“Let’s wait. The impact is clear, the discussions have an impact.

“But let’s be a bit more patient and understand what the measurements will be, and then maybe we have to deal with it and adapt.”

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