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Ukrainian civilians are helping to make Molotov cocktails to defend their homeland against Russia’s invasion.

Sky News footage from the city of Dnipro, central Ukraine, shows civilians helping to manufacture the improvised incendiary weapons.

In the video, hundreds of people can be seen packing grated styrofoam into bottles. The styrofoam is intended to help the firebomb stick to vehicles and other targets.

Russian flag hangs from Ukrainian police station; live updates

Map showing where Russian troops have been Feb 26 2022
This map shows where Russian troops have advanced to

Adult males have been mobilised

The civilians were making the weapons according to a recipe distributed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence.

Men aged between 18 and 60 have been mobilised and are not allowed to leave the country.

Many are expected to fight.

Key developments:
Ukrainian president says his forces still control Kyiv
UK and US among 27 nations which have agreed to give more weapons and military aid to Ukraine
China abstains from voting on UN Security Council resolution condemning Russia
Russian cargo ship Baltic Leader seized in Channel by French sea police

Aside from those signing up to fight in defence of Ukraine, many civilians have also been bringing in supplies such as food, water, blankets, and sleeping bags. They have been providing whatever they think will help the army.

It shows, despite Russia’s speedy incursion into the country, Ukrainian civilians are not prepared to give up without a fight.

The Ukrainian military say a Russian convoy was destroyed near Kyiv
The Ukrainian military say a Russian convoy was destroyed near Kyiv

Kyiv’s residents prepare for Russian assault

It comes as Ukrainian residents in the capital Kyiv prepared for another night spent sheltering underground as Russian troops closed in.

Authorities in the city have extended a curfew until early on Monday, with anyone on the street to be considered a member of the “enemy’s sabotage and reconnaissance group”.

Skirmishes have been reported on the outskirts of the city, though Ukraine’s leader has claimed the country’s forces had repulsed the Russian assault.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has vowed to keep up the struggle against Moscow and appealed for more help from the West.

“The real fighting for Kyiv is ongoing,” Mr Zelenskyy said in a video message in which he accused Russia of hitting infrastructure and civilian targets.

“We will win,” he said.

On day three of Russia’s advance, what’s happening across the country and where is under attack?

A Ukrainian soldier walks past burnt out military vehicles near Kyiv. Pic: AP
A Ukrainian soldier walks past burnt out military vehicles near Kyiv. Pic: AP

MoD says Russian forces are 19 miles from Kyiv centre

Sporadic gunfire could be heard from central Kyiv on Saturday, with fighting on the city’s outskirts suggesting small Russian units were trying to clear a path for the main force.

The UK’s Ministry of Defence has said the bulk of Russian forces were 19 miles (30km) from the centre of the city.

Russia has claimed its assault on Ukraine is aimed only at military targets, but bridges, schools and residential neighbourhoods have been hit since the invasion began with air and missile strikes.

Russia’s troops have entered Ukraine from the north, east and south.

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