Judd Trump after his US Open Pool Championship Debut


As a former world snooker champion and a number one in the men’s game, it was something of a surprise that Judd Trump took a chance on the pool table. We’ve seen a number of players switch codes over the years but the practise is less common in recent times and Trump’s decision was an unexpected one.

Judd Trump at the 2021 US Open pool championship

The man known as the Ace in the Pack made a promising start at the recent US Open and, while his journey ended relatively quickly, there were signs that there could be more to come.

Judd Trump after his US Open Pool Championship Debut

Judd Trump after his US Open Pool Championship Debut

An Encouraging Start

Trump could not have got off to a better start at the US Open as the first round draw put him up against Joe Magee. Prior to the event, the former world snooker champion said that he would be happy enough just to win a game in the tournament but he did far more than that.

Magee was brushed aside in the most emphatic way as Trump progressed to the second round following a 9-0 whitewash. Things continued in a serene fashion as the Ace in the Pack eased past Dhruvalkumar Patel via a 9-2 scoreline which set up a third round clash with Abdullah Al-Shammari. By now, the first player to 11 frames would progress and Trump prevailed again, defeating the Saudi 11-5.

The fairy-tale ended in the next round as Jayson Shaw put Trump firmly in his place, winning by eleven frames to one. It was a reality check for the snooker star but there was plenty to suggest that he may just have a future in pool.

Judd Trump’s Snooker Focus

The timing of the US Open was perfect for Judd Trump. The new snooker season is yet to get fully underway and the break allowed the left-handed player to try out on the smaller table. It’s hoped that he will return but, for now, his focus will switch back to the green baize.

The World Championships are the ultimate goal for all snooker professionals and these are scheduled to start in Sheffield next April. Early betting markets have been in position for some time and, according to the best snooker bookmakers linked to sbo.net, Judd Trump is the clear favorite for the 2022 title.

Another cueman who has spent time at the pool tables, Mark Selby, is in second place in those markets. Behind the top two, other names in contention include Ronnie O’Sullivan, Neil Robertson, Shaun Murphy and Mark Williams.

There is a lot of snooker to be played between now and the time that the first cue ball is hit in anger at the World Championships. Even though Judd Trump is likely to remain as the favorite, those odds are subject to change and sbo.net will reflect any alterations as tournaments come to a close.

News articles are also online while readers will have the opportunity to take their interest a stage further. All of the recommended bookmakers on the panel will be accepting sign ups and many have welcome promotions listed. Effective customer service and a choice of funding options are provided as part of the package.

That underlines Judd Trump’s immediate goals but what sort of future could he have at the pool table?

What Next for the Ace in the Pack?

Team Europe would surely love to have a player such as Judd Trump on their side for the Mosconi Cup. The annual competition between Europe and the United States goes off at the start of December and it wouldn’t be the first time that the Europeans have included a snooker star in their ranks.

Jimmy White, Ronnie O’Sullivan, and Steve Davis have all appeared for the European side in previous years. Trump would add to the legacy but that defeat to Jayson Shaw shows that there is work still to be done.

For now, there will be a return to the snooker tables but three wins at the US Open suggests that Judd Trump will want to revisit his pool career at some point, Yes, there is room for improvement but he wasn’t expecting anything from the US Open and three comfortable wins hints at much more to come.

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