Ukraine invasion: Putin wants all of Ukraine and ‘worse is to come’ in conflict, warns Macron | World News

Vladimir Putin wants to seize all of Ukraine and “worse is to come” during the conflict, the French president has warned.

Emmanuel Macron held talks with Mr Putin over the phone this afternoon in a bid to ease tensions between Russia and the West.

The pair spoke for 90 minutes, with Mr Putin telling Mr Macron the war in Ukraine is “going according to plan”, a French official said.

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According to French officials, Mr Macron told the Russian leader that he was making a “major mistake” in Ukraine, adding: “You are lying to yourself”.

The official at the French Elysee presidential palace said Mr Putin told Mr Macron the invasion will continue “until the end” unless negotiations meet his terms.

These, Mr Putin said, must centre on the “neutralisation and disarmament of Ukraine” – with the president saying he would attain the goal by military means, if not by political and diplomatic means.

Following the call, Mr Macron believes “worse is to come” in the unfolding humanitarian crisis and that Mr Putin wants to seize the entire country, according to an aide.

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