Best Pool Players of All Time

Best Pool Players of All Time

Pool or pocket billiards as it is called in North America is a very popular game and is also considered an ice breaker for socializing. Many bars around the world are centered around pool tables and it’s not unusual to see people play this sport non-stop. While many people play this sport for recreational purposes, there are some who take this up professionally and play tournaments.

Pool championships also see a lot of betting and you can even play these games in online casinos. Some of these casinos even use cryptocurrency and you can find out more about how to use Bitcoins to bet on these games here. Pool has a few versions as well like eight-ball and nine-ball and a lot of these professional players end up making a lot of money.

If you are a pool player and would like to consider going professional, perhaps it would be a good idea to check out some of the best in the business. Here’s a list of some of the greatest pool players ever. They make it look so easy.

Best Pool Players of All Time

Best Pool Players of All Time

Best Pool Players of All Time

Luther Lassiter

Luther Lassiter is an American player also known as Wimpy. He is considered to be one of the greatest in the sport and has won six world championships. He is known to have won a lot of money on pool gambling bets and was noted by Billiards Digest to be one of the top players of all time.

Rudolf Wanderone

Rudolf Wanderone also known as Minnesota Fats was one of the most well-known players in America. He was not just a great player but also an entertainer who used to enthrall his audience. As a pool hustler who traveled a lot, he is known to have hustled soldiers during World War 2. This made him a star and he even got his nickname from the film The Hustler.

Rudolf is known to be one of the players who made pool so popular in the USA.

William Joseph Mosconi

William Joseph Mosconi was one of the best that the sport has ever seen. He won pool championships 15 consecutive times from 1941 to 1957. He was even called Mr Pocket Billiards thanks to the trick shots he had devised. Like Rudolf, William also has a connection to the movie The Hustler as he was an advisor to the crew.

Ralph Greenleaf

Ralph Greenleaf was a legend in the world of professional pool. He started his career when he was just eight years old and won his first championship when he was 20. He is also credited for bringing a lot of attention to the sport and making it mainstream according to this article. He won the World Championship 20 times which was a world record.

Efren Reyes

Every pool player or fan would probably agree that Efren Reyes is the greatest of them all. Efren is a Filipino and has won over 70 championships. He’s also won the World Cup twice and continues to break all records.

Some more names that are worth mentioning in this list are Earl Strickland and Mike Sigel. One thing common to all these names, however, is that they’ve all put in years and years of dedicated practice in their respective cue sports.

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