Aer Lingus cancels at least 17 weekend flights

Aer Lingus has cancelled 17 of its flights across Europe this weekend, with more due to be pulled before the end of next week.

Three of the cancellations have resulted from a cap placed on flights from London Heathrow, which has placed a capacity limit on its air traffic due to passenger numbers moving beyond safe parameters.

Flights to Heathrow, both one-way and return, will continue to be cancelled every day until next Sunday, July 24th, the airline told the Irish Examiner, adding that precise details of those cancellations have yet to be confirmed.

10 more cancelled flights have resulted from scheduled industrial action at Bordeaux and Lyon airports in France and Pisa in Italy.

Return flights from Dublin to London Gatwick and Munich, Germany, have also been cancelled due to staff absences owing to Covid-19.

The full roster of cancelled flights for this weekend are Heathrow-Dublin on Friday and Sunday afternoons; Heathrow-Cork on Saturday morning; Dublin-Gatwick, Dublin-Munich, Dublin-Lyon, Dublin-Bordeaux return all on Friday; Dublin-Lyon and Dublin-Bordeaux return on Saturday; and Dublin-Pisa return on Sunday.

“Aer Lingus deeply regrets the impact these mandated flight cancellations, which are entirely out of our control, are having on our customers,” a spokesperson for the airline said.

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