Breaking glass door at Vegas hotel sparks panic after being mistaken for gunfire

The loud shattering of a glass door at a Las Vegas Strip hotel was apparently mistaken for gunfire – sparking panic inside and a social media frenzy.

as Vegas Metropolitan Police said they responded to calls of possible gunfire at around 10.45pm on Saturday and found a broken glass door in the valet area of the MGM Grand.

“It caused a loud bang, there was a subsequent panic, thinking it was possible gunfire given the nature of what’s been happening across the nation,” Capt Branden Clarkson said on Sunday.

Mr Clarkson said there was no evidence of gunfire in the area and the event was under investigation.

He also said one person was detained and faces being charged with the destruction of property.

Mr Clarkson said one person had minor injuries after falling over during the panic, though nobody was taken to hospital.

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