Italian PM Draghi sets conditions to remain in office

Italian Premier Mario Draghi has said the spontaneous popular support for his government is “unprecedented and impossible to ignore”, as he weighed up appeals to rescind his resignation, which he offered after a coalition partner triggered a government crisis.

r Draghi laid out priorities for parliament to consider in rebuilding “from the top” the majority needed for the government to work efficiently.

Appearing before the Senate, Mr Draghi listed the implementation of European Union pandemic recovery funds and judicial reforms, among other measures.


Senators listen to Italian Premier Mario Draghi’s speech at the Senate in Rome (Andrew Medichini/AP)

He said he was personally moved by the spontaneous appeals of ordinary Italians in recent days urging him to stay on, citing in particular the petitions by Italian mayors and medical personnel, the “heroes of the pandemic”.

“This demand for stability requires all of us to decide if it’s possible to recreate the conditions in which the government can truly govern,” Mr Draghi said, signalling he was willing to try.

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