David Bond of Chicago Billiard Museum Dies Suddenly at 47

David Bond, founder and curator of the Chicago Billiard Museum and host on American Billiard Radio dies suddenly at age 47.

David Bond of Chicago Billiard Museum Dies Suddenly at 47

David Bond of Chicago Billiard Museum Dies Suddenly at 47

Champion of all things cue-sports, David Bond, of Bolingbrook, IL, died suddenly on January 19, 2018.

Obituary David Bond Bolingbrook IL

David Benjamin Bond, known as “Ben” to some, was deeply involved in the cue sports community and was considered a thought-leader in promoting cue sports to the media and to the general public at large.

He created and curated the Chicago Billiard Museum, and organization dedicated to uncovering and preserving the rich history of cue sports. His work over the years resulted in a collection of information on the history of cue sports that is unmatched.

Bond was also the owner, producer, and host of American Billiard Radio, today’s top cue sport podcast network. His podcasts were enjoyed by many in the billiard community.

He contributed immense value to the billiard community through these two ventures, and was also a respected member and valued contributor in the AZBilliards community (user “Mr. Bond”).

As of this writing, an obituary for David Bond has not yet been published.

A “Celebration of Life” gathering is being held for family and friends at the Lunar Brewing Co. in Villa Park, IL from 2 PM to 5 PM on Feb. 11 2018 to celebrate Bond’s life.

A source close to Dave had shared the following details surrounding his unexpected passing:

[Dave] lived upstairs from a bar called the Lunar Brewery in Villa Park, IL.

The building also houses what was to be The Chicago Billiard Museum. Those terms and details are unknown to me.


Dave had closed his bar tab and started to go home, ([going] out, around, and up). It was icy, [and] the stairs are steep enough [to walk up] sober, maybe more so impaired.

He fell, his hand was in his pocket and he was unable to brace or catch himself.

The owner arrived at the bar to find police cars. Thinking a traffic accident had occurred he learned of Dave’s passing. When I heard on Sunday, I made my way there to ask and gather details as best I could. I saw Dave’s car and parked next to it, went inside, and talked to the owner.

Last night I went back, hung out at the bar, and tried to learn more concerning a memorial or a burial. Dave’s car was no longer there.

Long-time friend Alison Fischer posted on Instagram in reaction to David’s passing:

Alison Fischer David Bond Billiards

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David Bond of Chicago Billiard Museum Dies Suddenly at 47 Comments

  1. IvyIvy from Chicago, IL on 12/5/2018 12:07:28 PM

    This absolutely breaks my heart. I kept wondering why he hadn’t returned any of the texts I sent when he’s usually very responsive.

    I hate I found out this way. I love you Ben.

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