Alabama Cue Club Opens in the Hollis Crossroads Area

Business owner Wren Goodman opens the Alabama Cue Club in Heflin, AL in January 2015. Plans to expand the pool hall in the spring.

Alabama Cue Club Opens in the Hollis Crossroads Area

Alabama Cue Club Opens in the Hollis Crossroads Area

Since January 1, 2015, the Hollis Crossroads area has had a little more recreation to offer its residents with the opening of the Alabama Cue Club and Restaurant. The Alabama Cue Club is situated on Alabama HWY-9, about halfway between Exit 199 and where the state route crosses US HWY 431.

Business owner Wren Goodman built the pool hall and restaurant to accommodate eight pool tables, a billiard supply store, a number of dart boards, video games, and in a bright window-lined wing of the building, a restaurant for families to enjoy. Goodman said of the Cue Club: “I’d like it to be the go-to place in Cleburne County”. He also wanted to give young adults a hangout where they could stay out of trouble by giving Heflin residents something to do. So on Mondays the club offers Texas Hold ‘Em, on Tuesdays it’s bingo and on Thursdays there are pool tournaments. Fridays and Saturdays families can rent pool table time for $8 an hour and spend the whole night at the club for $40, Goodman said. He’s still looking for a Wednesday-night activity — possibly darts, Goodman said.

“I saw a great opportunity,” Goodman said, and he has been rewarded with a full house most Friday and Saturday nights. With 20 more billiard tables in storage, Wren is planning to expand the building to add more room for those pool tables. Too often, there aren’t enough tables for the people who want to play, he said. He plans to start construction on the expansion as soon as the weather allows.

The restaurant in the Alabama Cue Club serves up hand-cut fries, all-beef burgers, chicken strips, wings, pizza, hot dogs and nachos. They’re all the foods one would expect to find at a pool hall, but without the alcohol and without the tobacco smoke, Goodman said. “We’re a family restaurant,” he said.

Goodman used to run Little River Speedway in Hollis but sold his interest in the business in 2012, he said. He was looking for something new. “Everybody wants to be their own boss, right,” Goodman said. “Sounds good anyway.”

George West, an Alabama Cue Club employee who works at the Cue Club doing whatever needs to be done, said he likes the crowd and shooting pool.

“I enjoy everybody that comes in,” West said. “This is a good place to be.”

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