Thai soldier arrested after two people shot dead

A military clerk has been arrested after two of his co-workers were shot dead and another was injured at Thailand’s Army War College in Bangkok, officials said.

ne man died at the scene and another died after being taken to the hospital, the Thai army said in a statement.

The wounded man is being treated at hospital but no information was available on his condition.

The alleged assailant, Sgt Yongyuth Mungkorngim, fled the scene but was arrested outside the Army Training Command compound, which houses the Army War College in the capital.

Television footage showed Sgt Yongyuth, dressed in his army uniform, in police custody outside the military facility.

The military said initial information indicated the 59-year-old clerk was suffering from stress and health issues.

The army did not say which type of firearm was used. It said it would be assisting the police in the investigation.

Thailand’s worst mass shooting involved a soldier who opened fire in a mall in a north-eastern city in 2020, killing 29 people and holding off security forces for some 16 hours before being killed himself.

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