Partygate: Boris Johnson says he’s ‘absolutely not’ delaying release of Sue Gray report | Politics News

Boris Johnson has said he is “absolutely not” delaying the release of a much-anticipated report into lockdown parties at Downing Street – and promised it would be released in full.

The report by civil servant Sue Gray has yet to be received by No 10.

Asked during a visit to North Wales whether he is planning to delay the release of the report, the prime minister said: “Absolutely not.

“But you’ve got to let independent inquiry go on.”

The prime minister has vowed to make a statement and answer questions in the House of Commons once the report has been made public.

But along with questions regarding the timing of the report’s publication, there is also speculation around just how much of Ms Gray’s work will be made publicly available.

Asked about whether he would publish the report in full, Mr Johnson said “of course”.

He added: “I can’t go beyond what I said yesterday, but I stick to what I said to the House of Commons.”

The PM’s spokesman said this week: “The findings will be made public in line with the terms of reference. It is our intention to publish those findings as received.”

Pressed on why full publication was not guaranteed, the spokesman said: “It is simply a reflection of the fact that we have not received the findings and don’t know its format, that’s why it remains our intention to publish it as received.”

Speaking to Sky News on Wednesday, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said the government would release the “findings” from the Cabinet Office inquiry.

She said there could be “security issues” which mean parts of it are “problematic to publish”.

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