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Missing mother Gaynor Lord’s friend says she missed call from her minutes after last CCTV sighting | UK News

A friend of missing mother Gaynor Lord says she missed a call minutes after she was last sighted in CCTV footage.

Julie Butcher told Sky News she received two phone calls from the 55-year-old on the day she went missing in Norfolk.

The calls were timed at around 2.37pm – a few minutes before she left work early – and then again at 4.15pm on Friday 8 December, after the last CCTV sighting of her.

“I answered the call and said ‘who is it?’ and she said ‘it’s Gaynor’,” Ms Butcher said of the first call.

“Then my phone rang and it was one of my clients, so I said to Gaynor can I call you back and she said ‘yes’.

“I rang her back and then she didn’t answer, so I called her again and left a message, and then I messaged her on WhatsApp.”

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Julie Butcher
Julie Butcher

Ms Butcher described the second call from Ms Lord as a “pocket call”.

“It sounded like she was walking along,” she said.

This call came 14 minutes after she was last sighted on CCTV – at 4.01pm on Norwich’s St Augustines Street – which police confirmed when they released new footage today.

Ms Butcher said that was the last she had heard from her friend until the police called on Saturday to say Mrs Lord was missing.

CCTV image of Gaynor Lord leaving work on Friday 8 December
CCTV image of Gaynor Lord leaving work on Friday 8 December

“It’s not like Gaynor really,” Ms Butcher said.

“I can’t explain it, it is quite distressing.”

Ms Butcher added that she just wants Mrs Lord to be found.

The pair first met at a local tennis club, where they would play matches against one another.

She said the last game they had played was back in July.

When asked to describe Mrs Lord, Ms Butcher said: “She was quite feisty sometimes, in a funny way, we were both from Lancashire so we had that in common.

“During lockdown we would meet in the city and we would go for a walk with our dogs.

“I can’t imagine why she would do (this).”

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