OnePlus Launched An AI Music Studio Instead Of A Speaker: Here’s How To Use It

A couple of days ago, OnePlus uploaded a teaser of what looked like a speaker. However, as it turns out, the company was teasing an AI music creator, now live as the OnePlus AI Music Studio. The tool comes at a time when services and apps based on artificial intelligence are doing well. Currently, the music generator is available globally. It is also available in India as a dedicated page on the company’s website.

How To Create Tracks Using OnePlus AI Music Studio?

To create AI-generated music with videos, users should head to the official OnePlus AI Music Studio web page. There, they would have to create an account by providing an email ID, their name, and a password. Once they’ve signed up, the site will redirect them to the creation page, which asks users to select from three genres: RAP (which includes lyrical verses), EDM (which includes just the music), and POP (coming soon).

The next thing users should select is the mood of the song they’re creating, from Happy, Energetic, Romantic, and Sad. Last, users should select the music video’s theme, which includes options like Cyberpunk, Nature, Study & Work, Travel, Random, and AI Music Video (coming soon). Once users have selected everything, they should tap on the proceed button at the bottom.

On the next screen, users must answer the question, “What should your song be about?” As an answer, users should briefly describe what they want their song to talk about. Finally, users should click on the generate button at the bottom. If users select RAP, the OnePlus AI Music Studio uses generative AI to create lyrics. Otherwise, the following screen simply brings up the song with the chosen video genre.

The Tool Is Good, But There Are A Few Things You Should Know About

Here are a few things we noticed while creating a song using the OnePlus AI Music Studio. The tool seems to work, successfully generating lyrics and a background track. However, the video it generates, overlapping several images on each other, is often repetitive. Further, we noticed that the tool couldn’t sync the lyrics well on the track’s beat, which happened several times.

Moreover, the tool works in the way it’s intended, but whether it is of actual use to people, creators, or professionals is something that we aren’t sure about. Yes, it might be able to generate unique music every time, which could be used as background scores for YouTube videos, but we aren’t sure whether it would be copyright-free or not. Nonetheless, using the tool and seeing a couple of clicks and commands create a short music video was fun.

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