Reliance Jio to Unveil Affordable ‘Cloud Laptop’ in India – Anticipated Price Around Rs 15,000: Report

In its relentless pursuit of innovation, telecom giant Reliance Jio has been making substantial strides in the hardware realm, already establishing a foothold with budget-friendly smartphones and laptops. Having unveiled its second laptop, the JioBook (2023), in July at an enticing price of Rs. 16,499, Jio is now setting its sights on further expansion. A recent report indicates the company’s ambitious plans to introduce a cloud laptop to the market, strategically priced at approximately Rs. 15,000.

This upcoming addition to Jio’s lineup is designed to revolutionize the conventional laptop landscape by harnessing the power of the Jio Cloud, a move aimed at mitigating high shipping costs. Anticipated to hit the Indian market in the coming months, Jio’s cloud laptop represents a compelling fusion of affordability and cutting-edge technology.

Jio Cloud Laptop: Details

According to a Saturday report from The Economic Times, discussions are underway between the telecommunications company owned by Mukesh Ambani and leading manufacturers such as HP, Acer, and Lenovo. The objective is to bring this laptop to the Indian market within the next few months.

According to a senior official at Jio mentioned in the ET report, the laptop is envisioned as a “dumb terminal,” wherein all processing and storage functions would be handled by the Jio Cloud infrastructure. This innovative approach aims to minimize the requirement for costly hardware, consequently lowering the overall cost of owning a laptop. It’s important to note, however, that a cloud-based computer necessitates a constant internet connection to access storage, processing, and other functionalities from the cloud, which a conventional laptop can perform locally.

The upcoming cloud laptop is currently in the trial phase, being tested on an HP Chromebook, according to the report. Furthermore, the cloud PC software is expected to be accessible not only on the proposed cloud-based laptop but also on existing devices such as desktop computers or smart TVs, eliminating the necessity to purchase the dedicated cloud device.

In a related development, Jio entered the digital entertainment and Wi-Fi service arena with the launch of AirFiber in September. This service provides access to over 550 digital TV channels and subscriptions to more than 16 OTT apps. Designed for users with limited fiber internet access, Jio’s AirFiber offers a 5G FWA (fixed wireless access)-based internet connection, and it is currently available in 262 towns across India, featuring plans starting from Rs. 599 a month.

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