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The charging speed of the Galaxy A55 will not be unsurprising

The upcoming Galaxy A55 won’t be delivering any improvements in charging speed compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy A54. Recent revelations from the phone’s 3C certification indicate that Samsung has opted to maintain the 25W fast charging support. Interestingly, the Galaxy A7x series won’t see a 2023 release, and there are strong indications that the A7x line might be permanently discontinued. Despite this, the Galaxy A5x lineup will continue, welcoming the Galaxy A55 into its fold next year.

Information about the Galaxy A55 has been circulating for the past few months, providing some insights into the device. The 3C certification has now shed light on the expected 25W fast charging capability. Even Samsung’s premium foldable phones don’t support the fastest 45W charging available for Galaxy smartphones.

Notably, the Galaxy A55 will not include a charging brick in the box, making it a separate purchase. Details about the device’s battery capacity are yet to be official, but it’s reasonable to anticipate a continuation of the 5,000 mAh battery seen in the Galaxy A54. Some other specifications, such as the megapixel counts for the primary rear and front-facing cameras, may remain unchanged.

The highlight of the Galaxy A55 lies in its Exynos 1480 chipset, marking a notable milestone for the mid-range segment. Samsung is introducing a GPU developed in collaboration with AMD for the first time in this category. Equipped with the Xclipse 530 GPU, based on the AMD RDNA2 graphics architecture, the Galaxy A55 promises enhanced performance compared to the Mali GPU found in the Galaxy A54.

While details about features like ray tracing support for the Xclipse 530 GPU remain uncertain, the mid-range focus suggests it might not be included. Official confirmation from Samsung is pending, as the company has yet to announce the Exynos 1480 and its AMD-powered GPU. As we approach the Galaxy A55’s launch, additional information will emerge, so stay tuned for updates!

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