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Why 14 purple plaques have been unveiled in Wales – and more could be on the way | UK News

A 14th purple plaque has been unveiled in Wales on Friday. But what’s the story and thinking behind them?

The scheme was established in 2017 on International Women’s Day – and the date was no coincidence.

Purple plaques were launched by a group of volunteers who felt more recognition was needed to celebrate the women who have made a significant contribution to life in Wales.

Various blue plaque schemes to remember notable figures have existed for years across the UK.

There are estimated to be around 250 blue plaques in Wales, but only a few commemorate women.

The group behind purple plaques say their scheme helps to “address this inequality” and contributes to giving women “a prominent place in history”.

The women honoured are judged to have made an impact “in Wales or beyond” – and may have been “left out of the history books entirely”.

Megan Lloyd George
Megan Lloyd George, the first female MP for a Welsh constituency, is among those honoured

Members of the public are able to nominate “remarkable Welsh women” to be considered for inclusion.

The latest plaque unveiled on Friday was in honour of Annie Griffiths, who led a deputation to the US in 1924 to deliver a petition calling for world peace following the horrors of the First World War.

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Women who have previously been recognised include Megan Lloyd George, who was the first female MP for a Welsh constituency.

Also honoured with a purple plaque is Val Feld, a former member of the then Welsh Assembly, now known as the Welsh Parliament.

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